Check Out the First Visual From Smino's EP "blkjuptr"

words by Evan Winter


Smino, the Chicago-based rapper from St. Louis takes us out of this world with a captivating video for his project's title track, "blkjuptr", shot by HOTC TV

The surreal, dark hues of the video bring to life the spaced-out, funky vibe of Smino’s sound. His quick and melodic delivery bounces all over the futuristic, pulsating beat — courtesy of Monte Booker, who produced the entire EP and with Smino, is part of the Zero Fatigue crew. 

The lyrics pack a punch; Smino is on his way to the top and he knows it — but even so, there’s a an isolation he can’t escape. In a past interview with Pigeons and Planes, Smino revealed that alienation as the meaning behind the project's title: “That’s why the EP is called blkjuptr. Being a black man in America feels like you’re on damn Jupiter sometimes. It isn't familiar. The music industry doesn't feel familiar.”

The EP is available on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify on June 3rd. Check out the new video below.