Pop Lock and Recap

Pop, Lock and Recap 7/13 Edition


words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir


Seems like Jay-Z and Beyonce have gone from the best to most woke celebrity couple this past week. After the tragic shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Bey released a note on her website and displayed names of people murdered by police at her concerts. Not to be left behind, Jay penned a new song titled Spiritual and curated a self-care playlist. While many seem skeptical, I honestly don't care how long it takes for a celeb to speak up, as long as when they do they have something productive to say. I’m tired of waking up to another black person being murdered. I’m tired of crying I’m tired of holding my breath making sure my family is okay. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Pokemon Go was finally released and of course people are shocked it takes a game to force young people outside, and now we know they might be collecting all our data?!


Ciara and Russell Wilson got married in England. Also the deposition for Ciara's lawsuit against Future came out and it seems like he’s a liar and a scammer.


Frank Ocean back in the public eye as the newest star to feature in Calvin Klein's fall campaign. Still no album though.


Tim Duncan, style icon, a man who ever saw an XXL Costco shirt he couldn't rock, has retired from the league with no comment but a press release. It's kinda sad, with him and Kobe gone I feel like I did when I watched the last Harry Potter movie. It's like a chapter of my childhood had come to an end


Draymond Green was arrested in his home state of Michigan for allegedly slapping someone (and surprisingly, not for kicking them in the crotch) and was released on bail shortly after. Looks like the Warriors are gonna keep the offseason busy and interesting.


4 off-duty cops working security at a Lynx game walked off duty after some players spoke up about the recent tragedies and wore shirts that read "Change Starts With Us—Justice and Accountability," as well as the names of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and a Dallas PD emblem. The officers actions gave us all that Minnesota nice feeling.



                      Bacardi Names Swizz Beatz 'Chief Creative for Culture'

What Happened When I Found Out I Was In The Same Class As My Rapist

The Days That Keep Us Together

Kim Kardashian West, Mobile Mogul: The Forbes Cover Story

What to Do When They Don’t Want You to Exist

the mortal threshold of whiteness



LSD - Jamila Woods ft Chance the Rapper

Fuck with Myself - BANKS

Man Down - Boogie

Stuck - AZEKEL

Jealousy - STWO (roy woods Rmx)



Focus on living your best life, here's your personal week!

Pop, Lock And Recap June 21 Edition


words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir


After a year that started out rocky Iggy Azalea and Nick Young have announced the end of their engagement.


I probably jumped on the LeBron hater bandwagon circa the “I’m taking my talents to south beach” time and have been a vocal member ever since. It probably bothered me so because loyalty is very important to me but I guess competition is too. Anyways after watching that game 7 props are due bron bron did his thing giving Cleveland their first. I ain't even mad. Now we even have Crying LeBron.


Vince Staples teamed up with his local YMCA to help fund and advocate for a summer institute that gives youth opportunities in graphic design photography etc.


Bobby Brown has been on a media world wind promoting his memoir. One story that sticks out is a 10-year-old Bobby accidentally frying chicken in cocaine that he mistook for flour. Yeesh.


I both hate and love this commercial of Jamie Foxx playing the part of “Past” Future’s dad and rapping about Verizon service.


Prince William becomes the first royal family member to grace the cover of a gay magazine, the Attitude. He further went on to talk about the detriment of bullying  queer youth and their bravery.



Vince Staples, Regular Genius


Kim Kardashian West on Kanye and Taylor Swift, What’s in O.J.’s Bag, and Understanding Caitlyn

Twitter has invested in music streaming service SoundCloud



When it Rains - Danny Brown

Bett - Robb Banks

Linger - A Z E K E L

Time of the Blue - Tallest Man On Earth

Burying the Sun - Ryan Hemsworth



Cancer SZN is upon get your kleenex ready and prepare for all the *feels*. Here’s your week!