Tea Lizard

Pop, Lock And Recap 6/29 Edition

words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir


Good Morning America tweeted out about trends and called the Kermit the frog meme “tea lizard,” which set the internet ablaze. Digging deeper it can be argued that a sect of weird twitter has called the meme tea lizard before so it's hard to tell if GMA didn't do enough homework and or are trolling us?


Tyler the Creator, avid fan of Zayn remixed Pillow Talk and posted it to twitter hopefully this leads the pair finally working together.

The U.K voted to leave the EU in a referendum and lots of musicians and celebs had something to say.


Ian Connor, “stylist to the stars” is embroiled in some more drama this week after getting into a fight with Theophilus London and Asap Bari. The stylist was accused of rape and assault by multiple women in the last few months.


If for some reason you've been living under a rock or don't know how to use the internet and haven't seen Beyonce's lemonade in its entirety no worry. Queen B has blessed the plebs and released the official Sorry video.


After Boosie made some claims that the Gucci Mane we see is a clone the rapper took to snapchat to neither confirm nor deny that rumor. While the CIA said they couldn't be bothered but that's what the enforcement branch of the Illuminati would say, wouldn't it?


In the year 2016, we have the first lady on snapchat. I can't wait for when people are age run for office and it's like “oh we have this video of you doing drugs but your opponent has 76 racist tweets and that's the bigger scandal here.”


James Harden may still be cursed and titleless but you can bet your ass he will cross over a teen when the opportunity arises.


The BET awards put on a show having a surprise Beyonce Freedom performance with special guest Kendrick Lamar. As if that wasn't great enough Jesse Williams gave a powerful speech on blackness, resistance and America, inspiring many. One of these people being Justin Timberlake who took to twitter to share his awe.  Who then got asked if he would stop appropriating black culture. JT then hit em with the sweetie we're all human race which led to more backlash leading to the singer to have to backpedal and apologize.


Dear America, Our Boys Are Hurting

On Experiencing ‘Tough Love’ as an Asian-American Immigrant

Stoya Said Stop: She was one-half of porn’s power couple before she accused her ex-boyfriend James Deen of rape. Now she’s trying to fix the industry from the inside.

Once A Week, I Ask My Friends To Remind Me That I’m Worthy Of Love



All My Children - Gucci Mane

Sledgehammer - Rihanna

By any means part (1) - ScHoolboy Q

Free Love - Vic Mensa ft Le1f, Halsey, Lil B Malik Yusef



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