Watch Tyler, The Creator's "Buffalo" Featuring Kali Uchis & Syd (The Internet)

Tyler, the Creator has dropped a visual for “Buffalo”, a track off his latest album Cherry Bomb, showing him painted white head-to-toe, being chased by a group of angry black folks. This self-directed 5 minute and 31-second video starts with Tyler hanging from a noose, eventually wriggling free into a strangely bland world of muted colors, touching on similar issues that he blogged about earlier this summer with the release of the controversial Golf Pride World Wide t-shirt.  The second half of the video starkly transitions into the song “Find Your Wings” another song off of Cherry Bomb. This track has a much different vibe than “Buffalo” -- displaying the versatility as a producer that he spends much energy defending -- plastered with Tyler’s pastel pinks and greens, in the format of a standard definition talk-show. Along with Tyler is The Internet’s Syd tha Kyd (plus multiple members of her band) the Kid, Left Brain and Kali Uchis.

thank u t, errybody go watch Tyler's new video buffalo out now

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photo by Asha Efia // styling by Quinn Wilson

photo by Asha Efia // styling by Quinn Wilson


Syd performs w/ The Internet in Minneapolis on Tuesday: